Project Structure

The project is organized as a mono-repository, that is all the sources for the whole project are in a single Git repository.

There are the following directories:

  • hardwareModules: All the hardware modules. CAD models, PCBs and related firmware.

    • RoFICoM: All sources for the mechanical connnector

    • universalModule: All sources for the universal module (does not contain concrete RoFI applications)

  • softwareComponents: All libraries provided by the project. We do not distinguish whether the libraries target embedded or desktop. Each directory is single library and has its readme file containing further details. Some of the notable libraries are:

    • atoms: A library of general-purpose data structures and algorithms. This library has a dedicated section of the documentation.

    • configuration: A library for representation of a RoFIBot. See documentation.

    • rofiHalSim and rofiHalEsp32: The hardware abstraction layer for RoFI modules.

  • tools: The tools for working with RoFI

  • tutorials: Tutorials intended to get you familiar with the project.

  • examples: A self-contained, easily executable examples demonstrating the the project. Often referred from this documentation.

  • applications: RoFI applications (case-studies, programs for the modules)

  • data: All resources (simulator models, library of configurations)

  • media: Pictures & videos of the project used in readmes.

  • releng: Packaging & compilation

  • doc: This documentation